Jungian Analysis online


My name is Elena Trushina, I am a Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Analyst (IAAP), C.G. Jung Institute, Zürich. I currently live in Tbilisi, Georgia, and offer online sessions via Zoom. The work is possible in Russian and English, the payments can be made via Paypal.

  • Jungian Analysis, long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy
  • Work with dreams and imagination
  • I graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University as a Clinical Psychologist
  • More than 8 years of personal analysis with IAAP analysts
  • Regular supervision with famous Jungians (Verena Kast, Renate Daniel)
  • Graduated five years of psychoanalytic training in C.G.Jund Institute, Zürich
  • Full training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
  • Many years of private practice, both in-person and online
  • I work only online at the moment
  • I do not work with people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction
  • LGBTQ+ friendly, fem-friendly

The session costs 75 euro (Paypal) for 50 minutes. We usually meet once or twice a week. All missed sessions are paid for (except for planned vacations which we discuss beforehand).

What issues can be adressed in jungian analysis?

  • Depression, loss of meaning
  • Midlife crisis
  • Challenges in relationship with others and with myself
  • Search for purpose, vocation
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Work with dreams and unconscious material
  • Repeating patterns in life choices and relationship
  • Feeling of being stuck
  • PTSD, trauma-related issues
  • Anxiety, fears
  • Memories or thoughts that become intrusive, hard to let go
  • Any other issues you would like to explore.

As a Clinical psychologist I work with various issues, and at the same time there is a limitation to online work. During the first sessions, we will discuss and explore whether this kind of work would be beneficial in your specific situation.

How long will it take?
Jungian analysis is a long-term work, we usually have 3-4 assessment sessions and then decide whether we want to proceed. The usual length of our work is around two years, in many cases, we proceed for several years more. Generally, the first improvement and changes come approximately after 6 months of work.


Are there any rules?
If we decide to proceed with work after assessment sessions, I secure a certain day and time for you. 
All missed sessions are to be paid for.  The only exception is a planned vacation that we can discuss some reasonable time before your departure. Of course, you do not need to pay for the sessions during my vacation.



What else is important to know?
I attend professional training and seminars regularly, and during that time we usually need to take a short pause. At the moment the work is only possible online via Zoom. 

With most of my clients, we work on the dream and imaginative material. You do not have to have dreams to start work, very often people start remembering dreams as analysis proceeds. 

Anything discussed in the sessions is subject to confidentiality, I will not share this information or material anywhere. Like all Jungian analysts, I work in my own personal analysis and attend supervision regularly.



The first session with a new client is always thrilling and fascinating for me. What will we face on this new journey? What images and symbols might emerge? It will be my pleasure to accompany you on this adventure.